Master in Business Administration (MBA) Field of Concentration: Fiscal Administration / Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum for the Degree of
Master in Business Administration (MBA) Field of Concentration: Fiscal Administration

A.1 Research Methodology3
A.2 Human Behavior in Organization3
A.3 Managerial Statistic3
A.4 Organization Theory and Design3
A.5 Financial Accounting (formerly Intro. to Financial Management)3
B. Major Field of Concentration18 Units
B.1 Economic Analysis of Government3
B.2 Theory and Practice of Public Administration3
B.3 Accounting – A Fiscal Management Approach3
B.4 Public Finance3
B.5 State Audit: Theory, Practices and Standards3
B.6 Performance Evaluation and Project Appraisal3
C. Cognates (Any three of the following)9 Units
C.1 Management of Public Enterprises3
C.2 Financial Information System3
C.3 Budget Policy and Process; Debts and Grants3
C.4 Philosophy of State Audit and Accountability3
C.5 Property Procurement and Management3
C.6 Internal Control3
C.7 Taxation3

The MBA-Fiscal Degree Requirements

To complete the course and be awarded the degree of Master in Business Administration (MBA) a candidate must meet satisfactorily the following requirements:

  1. Completion of at least forty-two (42) units of academic subjects consisting of all the basic and major coruses, and nine (9) units of electives among the Cognates;
  2. Passing oral and written Comprehensive Examination covering the whole course; and
  3. Completion of all academic courses within five (5) years from the original date of enrolment in the MBA Program.

Baccalaureate degree holder of non-business/commerce course shall be required to complete at least six (6) additional units of COGNATES subjects in the MBA Program, or complete at least twelve (12) units of undergraduate business subjects which shall be prescribed by the Dean of the Graduate School of Business.

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