This course deals with present business problems that occur in the country and abroad that we learn through the media. Print media relate to current events that are reported in newspapers, magazines and books. Electronic media, in the form of radio and television. One of the requirements of this course is to watch television programs that are very informative to the viewers, such as: View Point, Velez this week, the Probe Team, Options, Tell the People, etc. and to discuss the problems to brought out in these programs in class. By focusing on problems that beset the public and private sectors, our students may be able to contribute solutions or by ventilating and exposing these problems to a bigger/larger forum, new ideas may crop-up and novel solutions that nobody has ever brought about, may result. The development in the Graduate School of Business of a “think tank” or research team can best utilized the potentialities of students in bringing out their talents and skills and also the system of “net-working”. Credit 3 units; 3 hours a week; 54 hours