This course is primarily devoted to demonstrating the application of economic theory and methodology in solving business problems. The following topics are discussed in some detail; demand, production, cost analysis, pricing, growth, contraception, profitability, and resource allocation of the firm. Marketing and sales forecasting techniques are also introduced briefly, and attention is given to opportunities for the application of incremental analysis. Credit 3 units; 3 hours a week; 54 hours.

This course deals with the conceptional tools and frameworks to organize one’s thinking about strategic human resource concerns. It is more integrative in that it emphasizes links of human development to strategy, production, accounting and other areas. The focus of the course is on the inter-connection of HR topics, rather than treating them piecemeal, in order to help the student to see the big picture. Credit 3 units; 3 hours a week; 54 hours.

This course examines the main macro-economic, mechanism, i.e. income determination and the multiple theory as well as fiscal policy; the level of investment, the demand for money and the rate of interest as well as the Philippine banking system and deposit creation; the general equilibrium of product and money markets, and monetary and fiscal policies, the dynamics of investment, the employment sector, and the price level an inflation, the balance of payments and international trade as well as methods of dealing with balance-of- payments disequilibrium. The social and political environments will also be examined. Credit 3 units; 3 hours a week; 54 hours