This course introduces the student to the systematic and scientific techniques of investigations, including practical problems as are revealed by the findings. Likewise, the student is acquainted with the methods applicable in the preparation of case studies and the thesis. A baby thesis is usually required to gauge the student’s grasp of research principles and techniques. Credit 3 units; 3 hours a week; 54 hours.

It is the purpose of this course to show a simple and non-mathematical way, and always through the motivating needs of real problems the basic concepts and principles of statistical reasoning. The course covers the following topics: statistical modelling and standards models; statistical inference including hypothesis testing, estimation, prediction and the Bayesian methods; investigations of dependence, through regression, correlation, association and analysis-of-variance techniques; estimation through sampling and simulations; techniques of decision-making under uncertainty. Credit 3 units; 3 hours a week; 54 hours.

This course covers the fundamentals of the accounting process, the end products of which are three financial statements namely: the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement. This subject is pre-requisite to “Managerial Accounting” (formerly “Accounting-A Management Approach”). Credit 3 units; 3 hours a week; 54 hours.