This course covers mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in Investment Programming, Budgeting, Project Evaluation and Development, and Monitoring and Evaluation. The objective of the course is to let students understand the secondary entry points for DRR mainstreaming in plan implementation, namely: investment programming, budgeting, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation, with project evaluation and development as an added tool to improve project design and financing. The course reviews the institutional arrangements and financing mechanisms of disaster management systems, and identifies the role of national and local actors in the processes related to risk assessment, mitigation, and financing. Guide questions for logically framing, monitoring, and evaluating during implementation are presented to reveal if planned risk reduction measures and development programs resulted to the desired outcomes and to further aid in future planning decisions that can assist in the preparation of the DRR-enhanced local to national plans.

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